At Strathmore Podiatry Clinic and Movement Solutions Podiatry we offer wide range of services. These include nail surgery (ingrown toe nails), callous reduction, removal of  corns, plantar wart treatment, ulcer treatment as well  as gait analysis, orthotics, sport injury treatment, footwear advice and diabetic care.

 Our highly qualified team offer a personal and caring service, so

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Elderly and child foot care

We also specialise in foot care for the elderly and for children. These areas of podiatry require special expertise and our services mean we are able to deal with foot problems for people of all ages. Child foot care is especially important as it is such a formative stage in the development of the foot. Our podiatrists are able to diagnose and treat a whole range of developmental foot problems and much more. These may include severs disease, and osgood schlatters disease

Diabetes care

Diabetes is a high risk condition for individuals. Foot care is critically important. Professional podiatry care will minimise the risk of limb threatening complications of diabetes.   If you have diabetes and would like to book a consultation, just call us today.

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Expert doing checkup before nail surgery in Strathmore

Foot problems

Our team have extensive experience of dealing with all kinds of foot problems, and offer effective treatments and aftercare for the following ailments:

  • Nail care and surgery – including fungal disorders and ingrown toenails
  • Corn and Callous removal
  • Dry, cracked heels
  • Walking disorders
  • Stress fractures
  • Heel and Foot pain
  • Lower leg pain – including sore shins, muscle strains, Achilles pain
  • Knee pain
  • Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Call us today 03 9351 0266 (Strathmore); 03 8301 5500 ( Nth Melb); 03 9976 4200 (Moonee Ponds)